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UPNMG Refutes Malicious Claims Made Against Its Leadership

The Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives Ghana (UPNMG) has refuted some malicious claims made against the association’s leadership.

This comes after a wrier on Opera News with the name OBENFOBRIGHT, who claimed to be a former member of the UPNMG and amongst many other things, alleged that the Union doesn’t assist its members who fall sick.

However, in a statement, the leadership of the UPNMG vehemently refuted the claims, describing them as malicious.

“We want to state emphatically that, the faceless individual who could not reveal his identity has never been a member of the UPNMG and obviously knows nothing about the activities of the union but is rather on a fruitless mission to destroy the hard-earned reputation built by the organization over the years to satisfy his pay masters,” a section of the statement said.

Meanwhile, the UPNMG went ahead to outline some of the intervention schemes it has rolled out for its members.

“The Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives Ghana is the first trade Union within our noble profession to have instituted a loan scheme for members and this loan is running at 11%.

“Anyone who speaks ill of this initiative must definitely beconsidered an enemy of the profession because this has been a life-saving policy that has helped thousands of Nurses and Midwives across this country. Interestingly, they are now saying the interest rate is high when they initially said it wasn’t even possible to run such a scheme for members less than a year ago.

The statement added: “Apart from the loan scheme, the Union is again the first to commence a hire purchase for members and that has been running since its inception in May 2020. Again, we can boast of being the first ever union within our profession to insure all our members at no extra cost. That means no members pay any extra money for this insurance policy.

“The union behind these malicious claims has been in existence for the past 60 years and has done nothing for nurses and midwives. Our presence has since kept the kitchen boiling and has made life very uncomfortable for them, and hence these calculated attempts to dirty the name of the union.”