Why Should I Become A Member


Membership of the association is open to all category of nurses and midwives who have been duly registered with the nursing and midwifery council of ghana. such a person must:

  1. Complete a membership registration form.
  2. Pay monthly dues and any other fees prescribed by congress.
  3. Possess a membership card duly signed by the National President and the General Secretary.

Honorary or associate membership of the association is accorded individuals and groups as may be decided by congress and the conditions thereof shall be determined by congress.

The union currently has a membership of 15,784 spread across the 16 regions of Ghana.

Benefits Of Membership

  • Nurses Fund To Give Loans To Members At A Very Low Interest Rate
  • Scholarship Schemes And Research Grants
  • A Special Insurance Package For Members To Cater For Total Or Permanent Disability, Natural Deaths, Medical Expenses As A Result Of Accident, Accidental Death Etc. No Additional Payment In Respect Of This.
  • Land And Housing Scheme.. To Help Members Acquire Land And Houses While In Active Service.
  • Auto Scheme For Members. To Assist Members To Acquire Means Of Transport Per Their Affordability.
  • Annual Sourvenirs For Members. Every Member Of The Association Is Entitled To Souvenirs At The End Of The Year. This Is In Appreciation Of The Persons Loyalty To The Union And Also As A Reward For Completing The Year With Us.
  • Upnmg Hire Purchase Scheme. Members To Have Access To House Hold Items Such As Televisions, Airconditioners, Sound Systems, Fridges, Mattresses, Gas Cookers, Washing Machines, Irons Etc On Hire Purchase To Ease The Pressure On Their Salaries.
  • Cpd Training And Entrepreneurship Training For Members Periodically To Update Their Knowledge In The Profession As Well As Give Them Additional Skills For Extra Income.

So what are you waiting for?

Why don't you join us?

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