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UPNMG Brings Hope To Nurses And Midwives In Ghana

UPNMG Brings Hope To Nurses And Midwives In Ghana

The past few years have seen several agitations from the Nursing and Midwifery front following the lack of support and progressive welfare policies from the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA).

The news spread like wild fire and was greeted with euphoria and merry making by thousands of nurses and midwives across the country who had grown weary of the mammoth deductions on their salaries by the GRNMA.

Reasons For Joining UPNMG

Economic Reasons

For higher wages, increased benefits, shorter hours and improved working conditions are certainly important reasons for joining a union.

Job security

One basic human need is security. In the work environment, employees find themselves in a dependent relationship on their bosses and on what they probably view as impersonal organizations. They want to know that their jobs will exist in the future and that they will be protected against unfair or arbitrary treatment.

Social Reasons

Men and women are social beings. Therefore, workers have a strong need to be accepted by their peers, to belong, and to go along with others. Some unions offer attractive benefits, such as insurance, housing schemes, free conferences, annual get together etc to promote networking and social interactions.


Some employees have found that the union structure offers them an opportunity to gain recognition not available to them in the business organization. For example, a worker with little education may serve on a shop committee or even be elected as a position of influence, such as steward or officer in the local.


Many workers have explained their union membership in terms of their desire to obtain a voice in decisions that affect them in their working environment. To other workers who feel lost in our large, complex, industrial society, the union is viewed as a last hope that they will be able to influence their destiny.


Aside from social pressure to join a union, some workers become union members simply because the employment contract requires them to do so. It would appear that unions serve a broad network of employee needs.

Let's Show You How To Switch To UPNMG

  1. Login to your e-payslip at www.gogpayslip.com
  2. On your home page, click on the "change of Association" icon.
  3. A new page Opens with the title "GOG Employee Change of Association Form". Among other things on the page will be the name of your current association.
  4. At the upper right corner of the screen click on "Select new Association."
  5. A list of available Associations will pop up, click on "Union of Prof Nurses and Midwives, Ghana."
  6. Once that is selected, click on "send".
  7. A box will pop up containing information on how often one can change an association. Click okay to complete the process.
  8. Congratulations and welcome to the union with a heart.

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